pureWash Pro

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pureWash Pro

  • pureWash Pro uses little to no detergent.
  • Uses only cold water.
  • Uses the same proven process in hospitals.
  • Is easy to install and use.


Get cleaner clothes while saving money.

pureWash Pro uses one of nature's most powerful cleaners – oxygen – to kill bacteria and mold in laundry. With pureWash, you use a lot less expensive and harsh chemicals.

The technology behind the pureWash by GreenTech was developed for hospitals over 20 years ago because laundry detergents were causing so many problems for them.

Laundry detergents were promoting germs, leaving behind harmful chemicals that caused irritation and infection, polluting the air, clogging drains, and reducing the life of linens. Laundry detergents were a major expense and caused so many issues that hospitals were forced to find a technology that was cheaper, more sanitary, and more environmentally-friendly.

The hospital HR Molecule Generator was developed to alleviate the problems caused by laundry detergents. An HR Molecule Generator produces Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Molecules, which are one of nature's most powerful cleansers. Nature uses Hydroxyl Radicals to purify the air and water. The HR molecule also sanitizes and deodorizes air and water. HR Molecules are in higher density in a storm and this is why the air smells so fresh after a thunderstorm.

Hospital HR Molecule Generators were large, complicated and cost thousands of dollars. Recent technology has made it possible to have your very own personal, high quality affordable home HR Molecule Generator, the pureWash by GreenTech.

pureWash by GreenTech pays for itself quickly and then begins putting extra cash in your pocket each year, with your savings on detergents, softeners, bleach, and hot water.

With pureWash®, you will no longer have these issues caused by detergents: laundry detergents, softeners, drain clogs caused by detergent, septic clogs caused by detergent, water pollution, color fading, laundry stiffness, separating colors, air pollution, bacteria, skin infections, chemical odors or the need for hot water.

The benefits of GreenTech's pureWash laundry appliance are endless:

  • Direct cash savings when you save on laundry detergents and energy bills
  • Hospital-developed technology to naturally clean laundry without chemicals
  • Eliminates detergent buildup for soft, clean, irritant-free and odor-free laundry
  • Increases the life of your clothes, towels and linens
  • Easy to install
  • Does not use hot water
  • Conserves energy
  • May eliminate skin rashes and allergies due to harmful laundry chemicals
  • Maintenance free
  • Completely environmentally friendly
  • Works on high efficiency and standard efficiency washing machines
$ 349.00